A Mechanical Pencil Lover in Japan

Life is like advancing the lead.

Mechanical Pencil Lead

I dropped Uni Nanodia Colormix and a lead was broken


This is 0.5mm multi colored leads from Uni(Mitsubishi Pencil).

I blame for my carelessness.
I dropped this from 1 meter height.

I feel sad.
I planned to compare regular color pencils with this color lead, but I lost motivation to do it.

Once I often bought drafting mechanical pencils, I took bubble wraps to protect MPs.
Accidents due to carelessness…

Which color is only 2?

7 colors, 20 leads should mean 3 leads for each color, except a color.
Which color is less than others?

You might think it’s obvious as it looks.
Actually no, color difference is little to judge it.

Blue + Lavender = 5 leads.
So blue or lavender is “uncommon” color in this tube.

↓I can’t see middle one is whether blue or lavender.

With saturation adjustment, I can see it.
There’s only 2 lavender leads.

Mitsubishi Pencil insists colormix contains 8 colors..?

The back of lead case indicates 8 colors.
In fact, Nanodia Colormix doesn’t contain Yellow leads.

Packaging film shows Nanodia Colormix contains 7 colors, but some stores sell this lead without film package.
e.g: Sekaido”世界堂” usually sells lead tubes without packaging film.
This might be confusing.

-Mechanical Pencil Lead



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